About the Energy Technologies Area


About the Energy Technologies Area

Researchers Sascha von Meier and Dan Arnold
Sascha von Meier, adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, and Research Scientist Dan Arnold are both in the Grid Integration Group at Berkeley Lab. 

Cyclotron Road is one of four divisions in Berkeley Lab's Energy Technologies Area (ETA). Our mission is to perform analysis, research, and development leading to better energy technologies and the reduction of adverse energy-related environmental impacts. We build on a strong foundation of energy efficiency to perform research and analysis in a wide range of topics, from buildings to batteries to indoor air quality, the electricity grid, transportation, and environmental impacts.

Our wide-ranging research is of special interest to the public because we impact everyday lives in a unique and special way, whether it is research about the air we breathe, how we travel, building better batteries for electric vehicles and more, or combatting the Climate Crisis on a global scale.




Our Divisions

ETA is made up of four distinct divisions, each honing in on a targeted research area. There is much overlap, coordinating and networking between ETA divisions, as well as with the rest of Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, other academic institutions and industry partners.

Our flagship site: eta.lbl.gov

Our Divisions: