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Cyclotron Road team photo. Kevin Hurlbutt, Shawn Lee, Richard Wang, Mauro Pasta, Ricky Hoft, Evelyna Wang.
(From left to right):
Kevin Hurlbutt, Shawn Lee, Richard
Wang, Mauro Pasta, Ricky Hoft,
and Evelyna Wang were in the 2016

Ninety Years of Team Science

1931, UC Berkeley physicist Ernest Orlando Lawrence founded Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), and would later win the Nobel Prize in physics for inventing the cyclotron, a circular particle accelerator that opened the door to high-energy physics. Lawrence believed scientific research is best done through teams of individuals with different fields of expertise, working together: team science.

This concept thrives today at Berkeley Lab and in the Cyclotron Road Division. We support entrepreneurial scientists and engineers through shared lab resources and collaboration because we recognize that by pursuing commercial pathways for their research, these innovators are bringing science solutions to the world.

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Celebrating Berkeley Lab's 90th Anniversary

In 2021, Berkeley Lab’s 90th year, we celebrated past achievements and imagined tomorrow’s solutions. Investment in discovery science takes patience, and the payoffs are profound and often surprising. Join us as we continue this journey for the next 90.

Find out more about virtual talks, seminars and other celebrations at berkeleylabnext90.lbl.gov/

Berkeley Lab

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) plays an important and distinctive role within DOE’s network of great national laboratories. We celebrate our rich tradition of multidisciplinary teams working together to bring science solutions to the world that began with our founder, E.O. Lawrence. Fostering a diverse workforce—diverse in experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds—and a culture of inclusion are key to attracting and engaging the brightest minds and advancing our record of scientific excellence and groundbreaking innovations.

We all can help build a culture of inclusion and diversity at the Lab through IDEA, an acronym that stands for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accountability. We are at our best when we live these ideals.

IDEA allows us to:

  • Advance scientific and technological innovation and discoveries
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Harness the power of our collective contributions
  • Unlock teams’ fullest potential
  • Achieve operational excellence

IDEA is integral to how we do our work, and its implementation represents a cultural shift that supports a community of welcoming and belonging. The IDEA campaign starts by helping us develop a shared language for this shift.

How Can Discussing Equity Make Your Team Stronger? Check out this video: youtu.be/rNzkgs92EkU

Diversity News, Events and Calendar: diversity.lbl.gov/