While women make up 48 percent of the workforce in the US, they hold only 24 percent of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs. About 40 percent of men with STEM college degrees work in STEM jobs, whereas only 26 percent of women with STEM degrees work in STEM jobs. STEM jobs pay well. STEM skills are also important for innovation. For America to become more competitive in today’s global economy, we need workers with skill sets that help to propel our nation forward.

As Máire Geoghegan-Quinn notes in the foreword to the European Commission’s She Figures 2012: Gender in Research and Innovation “imbalance in research is not a self-correcting phenomenon.”

Cyclotron Road is building a new model to advance breakthrough energy technologies. Their purpose is to support critical technology development for projects while helping successful applicants to identify the most suitable business models, partners, and financing mechanisms for long term impact.

By joining Cyclotron Road, innovators receive a salary and seed funding, support from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab facilities and experts, targeted help with critical technology and manufacturing challenges, and connections to a deep network of academics, engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts who serve as mentors, collaborators, and commercial partners.

The application for Cyclotron Road’s second cohort is now open. Cyclotron Road is looking for the best, brightest, most driven energy innovators to join our second cohort.

I am hopeful that this post will spur interest, submissions and the successful applications of women working in STEM professions and the clean tech innovation space! Visit cyclotronroad.org/apply to learn more.