Two men in lab coats with safety goggles work on an experimental setup in a workshop. Headshot of Jill Fuss A young woman in a lab coat works in a laboratory with vials.

Fellows receive a yearly living stipend of $80,000 to $115,000, health insurance, a relocation stipend, and a travel allowance. This enables them to focus on their project full-time. Each project also receives $100,000 to $150,000 of research support at Berkeley Lab.

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Fellows access world-class research tools, equipment, facilities, and expertise through collaboration with Berkeley Lab. Our program manages flexible lab space to complement the resources available through collaborators and User Facilities. Fellows fully own or jointly own all intellectual property developed during their two-year fellowship term.

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Bringing technology to market can be a long and lonely road. Our fellows take this journey together as part of a dynamic community of scientists, engineers, and technologists who share what they know and celebrate each other’s victories. Our team works closely with fellows for networking opportunities, support, and mentorship.

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Tailored for scientists and engineers and delivered weekly, the program’s startup curriculum includes sessions on core business and product development concepts, VIP speakers, skill development workshops, and shared learning from other current and past fellows. Fellows and their teams may access additional career resources through Berkeley Lab’s scientific and community offerings.

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Our team meets with fellows one-on-one regularly to help develop priorities, provide guidance, and make connections to our broader network of advisors, industry experts, and investors.

We also facilitate connections between fellows and our broad network of Lab researchers, industry executives, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other experts from academia, industry, government, and finance—any of whom can serve as advisors or partners.

Close-up of an experimental setup with cables and tubes.

Our program connects participants with Berkeley Lab’s experts in a wide range of scientific disciplines and access to the Lab’s advanced research capabilities. Teams embedded at Berkeley Lab benefit from proximity to extensive collaboration opportunities and multidisciplinary resources.