Headshot of Todd Pray

Todd Pray is head of Berkeley Lab’s Strategic Partnerships Office. Prior to this, he led product and business development strategy for startups developing technologies that improve human health and environmental sustainability across pharmaceutical, food science, renewable fuel, and chemical product R&D programs.

Headshot of Melanie Sonsteng

Melanie Sonsteng joined Cyclotron Road in 2015 and has been a fan and champion for the innovative program ever since. She works closely with incoming and current Fellows, manages program operations and ensures that Fellows and their research teams have the support and resources they need to be successful.

Headshot of Thomas Kirchstetter

Thomas Kirchstetter is a Senior Scientist and the Chief Science Advisor to the Cyclotron Road program at Berkeley Lab, supporting entrepreneurs in creating tomorrow’s clean energy future. He holds a concurrent appointment as an Adjunct Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley, where he teaches courses and mentors early-career researchers.

Headshot of Katy Rose DeLeon

Katy Rose is the Lab Ops Manager and Safety Lead for the Cyclotron Road program. She has been supporting laboratory ecosystems for more than a decade, including managing lab operations and asset programs in diverse industry settings. She helps our innovators navigate Berkeley Lab as they progress their technologies.

Headshot of Donduk Dovdon

Donduk Dovdon joined the team in 2024 as a program coordinator. He provides overarching administrative and operational support for the program and the division, and helps to coordinate Cyclotron Road projects and events. He has eight years of professional experience in project management, administration, conducting research and interpretation.