Two men in lab coats work on an experimental setup. Four young innovators work together in a laboratory to set up an experiment.

Nestled within the Berkeley Lab, Cyclotron Road is named for the Lab’s primary address, 1 Cyclotron Road. Like Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley, notable for its high concentration of venture capitalist firms who provide funding for new companies, Cyclotron Road aims to provide funding and support to new scientific technologies, and facilitate bringing them to market.

Three people work together on laptops outdoors with the San Francisco Bay in the background.

Our program offers fellowships to innovators who are determined to drive their research projects to the market’s doorstep. The program allows them to advance their projects with the potential for global impact in fields such as energy, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Two women in white lab coats show their innovation to the camera with a smile.

Our program offers entrepreneurs the credibility and resources to make rapid progress in translating their ideas into viable products. They gain access to world-class research facilities and expertise as well as training, mentorship, and networking programs tailored to their needs.

A woman and a man hold a large blue bronze computer chip up to the camera.

Our program positions fellows for market readiness and broad societal impact by enabling them to identify the optimal path to market for their technology across a spectrum of commercialization models. This includes finding strong alignment with strategic investors, angel investors, large corporations, or  philanthropy.

Two researchers, a woman and a man, observe the reaction in an experimental setup.

As the first DOE Lab Embedded Entrepreneurship Program, Cyclotron Road is funded through the offices within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

These offices include:

Other funders of fellows include:

We are very appreciative of our supporters who work with us to move entrepreneurial science forward.

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At Berkeley Lab we work diligently and it is a high priority to foster a work culture that recognizes the power of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability. It is in this spirit that Berkeley Lab formed IDEA, a commitment to these values.