California-based start-up Bleximo is betting that its application-specific approach to quantum computing is more efficient — indeed transformative — in addressing highly complex practical problems across a range of industries — from global logistics and aerospace to pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, and energy production and distribution. The company, which is “powering innovation through quantum computing”, has been developing full-stack, superconducting application-specific computing systems since 2018, working with high-profile R&D partners such as the University of California Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as well as other companies in the quantum computing ecosystem.

Strategic differentiation comes with Bleximo’s co-design methodology, where coding and hardware design follow each other, with the focus on boosting a particular algorithm’s execution speed. The underlying holistic approach to product development, covering everything from the fundamental physics of superconductors to the software architecture of a deployed quantum computing system, integrates algorithms, software and hardware into one platform.